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Worktops, Fireplaces, Repairs

Graniteman UK 2000, our trading name has been supplying, installing and repairing granite, marble and quartz for in excess of 20 years in the Weston super Mare, Bristol & Bath regions.

Granite, Marble and Quartz

They are just rocks?

Well, probably the best known rocks. Granite, Marble are cut rock, it’s not blast in a quarry. Huge machines cut evenly shaped blocks for later processing. The blocks are then sliced into thicknesses that allow for use as kitchen work tops, splash backs, tiles for flooring and walls. 

Below are some videos of this costly quarrying process, and demonstrates the huge machines used to bring granite and marble to your project. Quartz is a re-constituted product, ask us for more information.

The video is worth watching the 4 minutes as it demonstrates how the large blocks are reduced in size until they are manageable, to be shipped to our production facility.

Where does it come from?

Most people expect a quarry to be blasting rock. Unfortunately blasting does not afford any real control of the size of the spoil (extracted rock).

The granite, rock or quartz we use is cut from the quarry in huge blocks. Special machines cut large blocks which are extracted and later processed. The stone processing plants use huge cutting blades to slice the stone into slabs which can then be transported to our facilities. The slabs are generally a thickness of a kitchen work top or thinner for splash backs and tiles. 

We then finish by machining, cutting holes for sinks and taps, corners to fit a kitchen unit and around corners where required. Finally, our products are sealed and polished.

Our Services

We prefer to be involved early on in your project, it takes time to cut and polish the product you will have installed. Kitchen work tops especially. 

Give us a call today to let us take a look at your plans, note measurements and discuss colour. 

All natural stone products are subject to variation, but we can pick a general colour to match your design. 

We make choosing the right stone for your project easy!

Our 20 years experience working with stone allows us to help you choose the right product at a fair price. 

Give us a call today on 07704186253 for a no obligation quotation.